Wednesday, June 30, 2010


George and Lynne are in their car picking up Katalina. Lynne asks her how Italy was. Katalina tells her it was wonderful and that she fell madly for a couple of guys. Lynne asks her if she will see either of them again. Katalina tells her she does every time she closes her eyes.

Katalina has been on a holiday by herself to Italy and has asked Lynne if she will pick her up from the airport. It would appear that Katalina doesn't have many friends. As she's gone away on her own, it might be that she has just come out of serious relationship and needed some time to come to terms with it, similar to Shirley Valentine but a bit younger.

Katalina has got over her last boyfriend quite quickly if she has already fallen for not one but two men. However Katalina is merely over exaggerating; she had no intention of seeing the men again and just wanted to have a wild week away to forget her troubles. These two men were incredibly nice to her and she will remember the holiday with great fondness.

In the meantime George has completely missed this conversation as he has been putting Katalina's bags in the boot of his car. After hearing Lynne's question he wonders what Katalina might be seeing again. Considering she is recently single, he thinks that it might be a couple of properties in Italy. As a leading property lawyer, he wryly smiles to himself as he has been wanting to get into the European market for a while and this could be his chance. He won't like it when he finds out exactly what they are talking about.


  1. Is Katalina owning up to a threesome with these two Italian men? If so, perhaps George has an ulterior motive and this would explain the smug look in the last frame.

  2. I see the problem ... you have misinterpreted the "fell madly" remark. On her holiday, Katalina entered a talent competition and impressed the two judges with her slapstick comedy routine.

  3. What is the Italian for 'Wobbly H'?