Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Lynne is camping with Katalina. Whilst putting up their tent, Lynne asks her if she camped out when she lived in Hollywood. Katalina replies that she slept under the stars fairly regularly. Lynne says she wasn't talking about her love life.

Lynne has now caught the camping bug and is off with a friend, leaving George at home. It seems this friend, Katalina, has spent some time in Hollywood. This must be the same Katalina who went to Italy so perhaps she is an actress of some sort and has tried to make it in America. She can't be that well known though as she would be mobbed at the camp site.

Lynne mistakes Katalina's comment for a euphemism for the amount of famous men she has been with. If Katalina had her druthers she should strike Lynne for insinuating that she is a jezebel. However Katalina smiles which suggests that she does live up to her reputation. This may be her way of getting ahead in what is a cruel industry. We shall wait and see if it is the correct choice.


  1. So, why would two busty, topless young ladies be pitching a tent together? It is unlikely to be a camp site as being topless would be frowned upon. It can't be a nudist camp as they would be scorned for wearing bikini bottoms. So, why have the two of them found a secluded spot to pitch their tent? And does George know?

  2. I think they're in France. Katalina has been chafing under America's strict laws against public nudity. As soon as she came back to Europe she wanted to go somewhere she could get rid of that tan line. Lynne was the only one of her old friends who could go with her during the school term.

  3. If George knew, he would want to watch. So would I. The question is, does 'Mantha know?