Thursday, February 10, 2011


George and Lynne are at a wedding. George arrives late and Lynne tells him to be quick as the bride will arrive any moment. Once inside Lynne says she loves weddings because they are such happy occasions. Lynne cries.

George is cutting it very fine. People are milling about outside the church because it is a nice day but they have been told by the ushers to go inside as they have heard that the bride is on her way. George hasn't even got time to park the car so just parks it on the lawn outside the church. It will be fine there.

Lynne loves wedding and cries tears of joy at the occasion as does another woman behind her. George is also welling up a bit. His face may be showing embarrassment though as he is wearing a carnation which is usually only reserved for ushers and the best man. This means that he was late for his friend's wedding. It might be because it was his job to calm the bride down and make sure she arrived at the church. If that is the case then he has had to keep that secret from everyone else. Even Lynne didn't know. George, you are a true friend.


  1. Good explanation. Looking at the architecture of the church, it must have been built in the last century, so that is a car park rather than a lawn. George came round earlier and put a "reserved" sign in the prime parking spot as he knew he would be going back and forth.

    G&L probably don't know the bride very well, as they are in the second and third rows from the back on the groom side of the church. This is all very nice of George.

  2. Looks like the father of the bride has dropped one, which would explain all the choking up in the last frame.

  3. Judging by the look on his face and the streaming tears of the woman behind him, it would appear that George has let one go.

  4. If this is an 80s strip then wedding etiquette has not yet become as Americanised and formal as it tends to be now. George's carnation may not have any significance against that background. Farting however would not have been acceptable.