Tuesday, February 15, 2011


George and Lynne are at a restaurant. The maitre d' tells them that they are busy in the restaurant as there's a large party from the circus in. After sitting down, Lynne tells George that the men at a nearby table are giving her funny looks. George tells her not to worry and they are clowns after all. The clowns are firing water at each other.

With that curtain, it may be that this isn't a restaurant at all but some sort of cabaret club. However that could just be a divider to separate the Wimbledon hoi polloi from the elite. The maitre d' is so busy that he doesn't even have the time to take George and Lynne's coats. It's a good job they booked a table.

Having sat down, George and Lynne still haven't been given a menu or a jug of water. In fact their table is completely bare. The waiters are doing a very quick turn around this evening and thought it would be best to seat George and Lynne before their table was ready because a queue was forming outside.

The circus is in town once again, or Wimbledon has a permanent circus, and they have decided to go for a company meal on this, their night off. For some reason the clowns of the circus have decided to go out dressed in their clown outfits. This is quite disturbing. They can't let up for one evening. Not only are they in full attire but they acting like clowns as well. The restaurant owner should check their credentials. They could be creating a diversion by spraying each other with water and in a moment they will all brandish guns and rob every person in the restaurant. They aren't the clowns from the circus at all but imposters. The next day the actual clowns will be arrested when in fact they were at a different restaurant. They will have no alibi because no one knows what they look like without their make-up. It's the perfect crime.

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  1. The artist always draws curtains. It's one of the few things they feel confident about drawing.

    This really is a bizarre strip. Something looks very, very wrong about the clown with the red makeup. Are you sure that's water he's squirting out of his flower?