Monday, February 14, 2011


Lynne has arrived home at nighttime. She apologises for being late but she explains that she was helping Ray practise for his new play. George wants to know what part he is playing and Lynne tells him it is Valentino, the great lover. George then asks Lynne if he's having trouble with his lines. Lynne says that it his kissing technique and it needs a lot of practice.

Night has fallen and Lynne has finally arrived home. Either she has forgotten her key or George has been waiting by the door for her, impatiently tapping his foot and looking at his watch every three minutes. He had laid on a lovely dinner which is now spoiled.

We're pretty sure that Lynne doesn't work with her usual days being spent at the shops. She has therefore bumped into Ray and he has asked her to help him with his lines. Ray had gone into town to clear his head as he kept getting muddled with his rehearsal.

If Ray needs a lot of kissing practice, as Lynne says, there's a possibility he could be a gay man. If this is the case, then George has no need to worry as neither party is getting any pleasure from the rehearsal. George may not know he is gay, as it was still a social taboo in the early 80s. The other explanation is that Ray is a child and has yet to kiss a girl. If this is the case then George should be worried. Lynne is going round the town and selling herself as practice for teenagers.


  1. The third possibility is that George and Lynne have an open marriage and that George is getting a thrill from Lynne's story.

  2. Lynne seems to enjoy telling the story a lot more than George does hearing it