Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lynne is at a nudist camp with her friend Katalina. She asks Katalina if she always takes her clothes off in her movies. Katalina says that she certainly does not and that she only strips off if it's vital for the role she's playing. She adds that otherwise she'll only go nude if the part doesn't call for it.

As part of recuperation, Katalina has decided to take a small holiday to somewhere hot and has brought Lynne along with her. We can't see Katalina's leg but it might be still in plaster. This trip has also given Katalina the chance to get rid of those tan lines.

Katalina is finally owning up to herself that she is now an adult film actress, but she is not ready to tell anyone else. She wants to confide in Lynne but is too embarrassed to tell her outright. Instead she drops hints that she is now taking her clothes off in every film she does. Lynne is so naïve; she is impressed that she is friends with a film actress and wants to know everything. Telling Lynne the truth would kill her, so she decides not to be blunt about it.

Meanwhile, George decides to go for a swim in the sea and is attacked by seagulls who mistake his old chap for a hot dog. The holiday does not end well.


  1. It must be high tide. If the water were to come any higher it would wash away that helpful sign by the water's edge and the large mound of sand that George is getting caught by a sudden wave behind.

    The conversation is quite confusing. Is Katalina saying she only keeps her clothes on if the part sort of calls for nudity but it's not absolutely vital? Her directors must be very understanding.

  2. Lynne's ubbs used to be bigger.

  3. Looks to me like Katalina is actually recovering from a bad case of Jaundice.