Monday, February 21, 2011


Lynne is getting ready to go out. She says that she always likes to accessorize when she goes out. Once out, a woman hugs a man and says that the only accessory she needs is a hunky boyfriend. Lynne looks angry.

It looks like Lynne is talking to herself but what we don't see is George just out of shot asking her why she's wearing so many belts, necklaces and bangles. Lynne explains this and leaves soon after, leaving George pondering why she has never ever dressed like that in the past.

A strange woman has somehow heard Lynne's previous statement and commented that her only accessory is her boyfriend. He doesn't have anything to say on the matter. Lynne is angry, not because of this woman's comment, she barely hears it, but because she has found herself without her purse. She definitely brought it out so she will now have to retrace her steps, starting with going back to the massive microwave warehouse where she has just come from.

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