Thursday, February 24, 2011


Lynne is out in town. She sees Roger and his new dog and compliments him on it. Roger thanks her and tells her he named the dog after his wife. Lynne asks if the dog is called Roberta. Roger says that she isn't. Lynne learns that the dog is actually called Big Spender after Roger throws a stick for her. Lynne says that Roger's wife sounds like her sort of woman.

Lynne sees Roger as she is looking in a shop window that is selling shoes. Either the shop is called Shoes or this shop has only just started selling shoes and needs to tell its customers so that they don't think that the shoe display has been put there by accident. The grey haired woman is so taken aback that this shop is actually selling shoes that she has gone into some sort of trance.

Lynne knows Roger and that he has a wife called Roberta but that's as far as her knowledge goes. She had no idea that Roberta had expensive tastes but now that she does she thinks she'd like to get to know her better.

Roger has only recently got his dog but the dog is not a puppy, as it looks like a Springer Spaniel. Giving this dog a new name at two or three years old must be very confusing for the dog. It now has to respond to something new. However, if the new name, Big Spender, has the same amount of syllables as the dog's old name and Roger calls it with the same inflections, the dog should still respond.


  1. Roger and Roberta. Another alliterative couple.

  2. A rare shoe view of Lynne there, possibly inspired by the presence of the shoe shop.

    The joke would work better if people often named dogs after their wives. Tbh if someone actually did that it would be a bit disturbing, not to mention confusing.