Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Lynne is on the phone by a swimming pool. Katalina, who she is on the phone to, tells her that a film director wanted her as the lead in his new movie. Lynne thinks this is great news and suggests that this could be the break that she's been waiting for. We then see Katalina in hospital with her leg in a cast. She says that it is too late as she's already had it.

At Lynne's local swimming pool they have loungers and phones around the side of the pool. This is a high class establishment. They also have state of the art saunas and finger print locks in the changing rooms.

So Katalina is an actress. She is wary of saying the film director's name though, which suggests that either she doesn't think Lynne will recognise the name or he is so bad that she doesn't want anyone to know. Lynne has been keeping up to date with Katalina's career as she thinks it is very glamorous that she has a friend who is an actor, so she knows about directors. It could be that Katalina has resorted to an adult film but is too embarrassed to tell anyone.

Katalina has broken her leg. She is telling people that she did it when she fell off a chair as she was changing a light bulb. This is a lie. Having been given the lead role in this movie, she found out is was an adult feature and told the director she didn't want to do it. He told her she had to or she would face the consequences. The consequences were that a man was sent round to break her leg. She has since agreed to do the film after she heals, but it will be the other leg if she runs out on them again.


  1. I'm not a professor of bones or anything but from the cast, yes, that could be a kneecapping.

    I hope she has good insurance. If she is staying in hospital in LA, the bill is going to be absolutely massive.

  2. Less funny than a chilli suppository. Come on George and Lynne, put some bloody effort into it.