Tuesday, February 22, 2011


George and Lynne are at a car showroom. Lynne tells George that she heard Seb took Sue out for a spin in his new toy. George says that she is a lucky girl. Lynne continues to say that Sue had hoped it would be a sexy sports car but it wasn't. We learn it was a plane and Sue didn't like it.

There is a sale on at the car showroom and George is looking for a bargain. He has just received a company bonus for his hard work this past year and he has decided to splash out on a new car. All the cars are brand new and literally sparkling. The red car has caught Lynne's eye, but this is mainly because someone has left the hazard lights on.

George isn't interested in Lynne's story as he knows that Seb is a budding pilot. Seb works with George and spent his bonus, a larger one than George's, on a small aeroplane. He is so good at flying planes that he has no qualms about performing a barrel roll with Sue in the co pilot's seat. Soon after he is called over the radio to stop doing it and is fined by the airfield. He apologises and promises not to do it again. George decides against buying a sports car now and saves his bonus for another day. Not funny, but sensible.


  1. Seb has been taking advantage of Sue's blindness to bungle her into a plane whilst telling her it was a car.

    A cheap laugh for Seb but most people agree he is a plonker.

  2. Is it compulsory for all of Gerorge and Lynne's many friends to have alliterative first names? It's one hell of a coincidence if not.

  3. Lynne sets them up. She thinks it's a good ice breaker.

  4. Perhaps Sue and Seb will assert themselves, and insist on being known as Sue and 'Bastian.

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