Thursday, February 17, 2011


George and Lynne are at a wedding. Lynne tells George that the bride has arrived. As the bride walks down the aisle she tells her father that wants to talk with Lynne. The bride, whose name is Kay, tells Lynne that she's worried and asks her if she's doing the right thing marrying Kelvin. Lynne tells her she is worried too as the groom's name is Kenny.

It is the wedding season and again George seems to be part of the groomsmen. Lynne is friends with the women that are getting married but as there is such a dearth of good men in the area, the boyfriends of these women get close to George. He doesn't do enough to become Best man, and he's grateful for that, but he is close enough to be an usher at the weddings.

This woman is so worried she is willing delay her own wedding to check her anxiety with Lynne. Why is Lynne so important? Has she become the local agony aunt when it comes to relationship difficulties? It has to be said that her marriage seems to be the only one without any problems so people may see her as some sort of relationship guru. As Kay talks to Lynne the entire church is silent. These churches have very good acoustics so it is likely that they can hear Kay's troubles.

Kenny, or Kelvin as Kay calls him, looks remarkably like George. Could this be George's brother? It would explain why he is a groomsman. Thinking that Kenny is Kelvin is the least of Kay's worries. He is a good man for putting up with her calling him Kelvin all these years. Maybe she talks really fast and he never noticed. Either way, he looks rather upset as she is talking to Lynne when she should be saying her vows.


  1. A lot of really confusing angles in this one. Lynne is not in the pews at the start; she is standing out in the aisle in front of the altar. The bride must have been late and G&L were discussing the situation with the little bald man. Kay pulls Lynne off to the left side for their conversation, and the man in the last frame actually is George.

    The little bald man could be the vicar but he could just as well be Kenny. If it is Kenny, her doubts are understandable. She is probably only marrying him for his money. Whatever happens, this isn't going to end well, and George's business is going to catch some of the fallout. It should never have got this far.

  2. The strength of George & Lynne's relationship is indeed why she finds herself being approached to give advice, yet again.