Thursday, February 3, 2011


George and Lynne are at the gym. Lynne tells George that the divorce is a weight off Ingrid's mind. George asks Lynne if she was married to a sportsman. Lynne changes her statement to say that it is a weight lifter off her mind.

The gym is very crowded today. The people in white are the personal trainers who all wear the same outfit so the patrons can easily find them if they need help with an exercise bike. The one in the foreground has a clipboard to make him look important.

It seems Ingrid has just finalised a gritty divorce from her weightlifter husband. He may have been having an affair with a barmaid, but that rumour is unfounded. If he is the man who was seeing the Ferryboat Inn barmaid, then this marriage has lasted, from vows to divorce, under two weeks. That's the fastest settlement ever. It might be that it was an annulment rather than a divorce. Lynne should check that.

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