Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Lynne is at the pub. The barmaid asks Lynne if she should finish with her boyfriend. Lynne says she should because he got married last week. The barmaid says she said a good reason not a minor inconvenience.

Lynne is on her own at the Ferryboat Inn. That is not to say that George is not with her. He could quite easily be in the toilet, buying another round or picking his songs on the jukebox.

So it seems the barmaid is dating a married man. What a cad! Not only is he having an affair but he is doing it over the period of his wedding and other people know about it. His days of infidelity are surely numbered.

The barmaid then kicks off at Lynne for her moral judgement. She has no right to. As far as we are concerned, the barmaid never said anything about a good reason. No wonder Lynne looks shocked. All was she was doing was trying to raise the standards of sleepy Wimbledon, whilst looking out for a friend who will undoubtedly be hurt in the long run and she gets her head bitten off. George can't get back from the jukebox sooner.


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  2. In this episode, the part of the barmaid was played by ex-Spicegirl Geri Halliwell.

  3. The original 'good reason' comment may fall in the time between panels two and three, a period long enough for Lynne to be violently hit in the face with a plank, as her subsequent reaction shows.