Monday, January 24, 2011


George and Lynne are relaxing on a jetty. Lynne tells George that her friend said Lynne would be seeing much more of her soon. George asks if she is moving close to them. Lynne says no, points to George's newspaper and says that that's her on Page 3.

When it's sunny, George and Lynne like nothing better than a relaxing day by the Thames. Despite the health and safety issues surrounding swimming the river, George and Lynne have found a quiet area with a couple of jetties. It is quiet because no one in their right mind would swim in the Thames.

Lynne is being very vague about which friend is moving near them. From the past episodes, we have learned that Lynne has an awful lot of friends. That said, she doesn't have many friends who would appear on Page 3 and therefore topless. Could it be her masseuse who is unlucky in love? Could it be Belinda who is using her breast surgery to earn more money?

The most likely explanation is that it is Angelina. She was lured into glamour modelling by the emaciated gentleman with whom she left the restaurant that time. He promised her it was legitimate modelling but after some coaxing, he persuaded her to do some light topless work. It became a slippery slope for Angelina. She was intoxicated by her new luxurious lifestyle and had to keep up her expensive tastes after the Page 3 work stopped. The rest of the story is too sad to tell, but ultimately she dies.

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  1. Surely if Lynne's friend was a glamour model, Lynne would have seen glamour shots of her before she made it to the peak of the profession on Page 3? My guess is that this is one of the "just turned sixteen" models they used to make such a fuss about. Lynne has been coaching this friend in the ways of modelling, transforming her from an innocent schoolgirl to a sultry temptress.

    The way George's expression changes between the second and third panels is instructive. In the second panel he is thinking "hmm, nice boobs" and in the third he is thinking "What! That's her that used to come round our house? That time, we did...! And she was only fifteen!?". His mind is a maelstrom of guilt and arousal.