Thursday, January 27, 2011


George and Lynne are out for a walk when Lynne spots Kelly on a bike and tells George that she has taken up cycling. George says that it is great exercise and good for the heart. Lynne agrees and then points out the cycle club secretary who Kelly is dating.

Another nice day and time for a walk along the river. Lynne's PhD in stating the bleeding obvious has come in handy again. George must have a reputation for not being very observant as Lynne is always telling him who is coming towards them. It may be that George is a vain man and although he needs glasses for his terrible short sightedness, he refuses to wear them.

As she comes in to George's view, he believes Lynne and can therefore make a comment of his own. He believes cycling is an excellent way to stay in shape. Another blurry figure comes by and Lynne tells him who that is. If George's cataracts get any worse he'll need a white stick. Lynne is standing very close to him so must be guiding him around. He can't keep up this pretence for too much longer, how will Lynne get to the shops if George can't drive her?


  1. I'm not convinced that bloke is a cycle club secretary. He's treading on the left pedal with his heel, his saddle is extremely low, and he's in a very low gear for a flat path with no apparent headwind.

    On the other hand, unlike Kelly, he is in possession of two complete legs.

  2. If he is the cycle club secretary, he should be setting an example and wearing a helmet. And I would have thought he could have kept up with Kelly better than that. Errrr, on the bike that is. Not that I'm suggesting that Kelly is a bike.

    I'll go now.

  3. the colour scheme on George's shirt is another indication of his failing eyesight.