Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Lynne is cleaning while George enjoys a glass of white wine. He tells her that while he was on business in America he took part in a cattle round up. Lynne asks what it was like and George says it was very hot, sweaty and dusty. George is then cleaning and Lynne tells him it is just like old times.

It would appear that George has just returned from his business trip to America and is relaxing with a wine whilst telling Lynne about his adventures. Lynne looks like she is tired from the cleaning but she is exasperated by George's constant talk of his business trip to America. He went on about it for two weeks before he went and has not stopped talking about it since he got back. She's had enough.

George's business trip took him to Texas where he was looking at acquiring some land for an investor. While there, all those involved in the deal were taken on a cattle round up as part of a bonding exercise. George was sceptical at first but realised that good relationships with all parties were needed for the deal to go through and afterwards rather enjoyed himself.

As George recounts the story of his business trip, he is hoodwinked by Lynne into doing the cleaning and a complete role reversal has taken place, so much so that George has the apron on and Lynne is enjoying the wine. How did this happen? If it was Lynne's doing then we have not been giving her the credit she deserves all these years. She may come across as a terrible pun making flirt but in fact she is a master of deception. Even George is confused as to how she persuaded him to take the feather duster.


  1. It's obvious how Lynne has persuaded George to do the dusting - he's on a promise. And, judging by the way he is sweating, he's eager to get the cleaning done. Must have been a long trip, George.

  2. If he is that desperate to get on the nest, George must have been faithful while he was away. But I think he is overdoing it with the co-operation, so he is probably doing it for show.

    Maybe the trip included a visit to a strip club, which is what George euphemistically refers to as a cattle roundup. Some of these establishments skimp on the more prosaic functions of venue management such as cleaning, so are in fact quite dusty.