Monday, January 17, 2011


Lynne is stopped at a busy interchange to complete an opinion poll. A woman asks her if she agrees that her local MP is a political dinosaur. Lynne is not sure but she does believe that he is certainly big, ugly and prone to frightening members of the opposition.

This really is a busy part of town and probably exactly the reason why the woman chose this spot for her opinion poll. After she has finished asking Lynne her important question she will ask the attractive woman in the foreground who has seen that a survey is going on and is trying to change direction. What isn't so clever of the survey taker however is that two of her colleagues have also chosen this spot for their survey. The lady with the pink coat and dark hair is interviewing the lady with the pink coat and blonde hair and the lady in the tartan skirt is interviewing the man with the back pack. It is possible that they are all interviewing for different political parties. Whether this will skew the results remains to be seen.

Lynne's local MP for this time was Sir Michael Havers who, at 59, could hardly have been called a dinosaur but he had represented the constituency for 14 years prior to this survey, so perhaps he wasn't moving with the times. The woman doing the survey must be from a rival party, most probably Labour looking to swing the vote in what is seen as a safe Conservative seat. This poor lady will have to wait until the landslide victory of 1997 to get her wish.


  1. Doesn't Lynne get out much? Hasn't she seen Chariots of Fire starring Sir Michael's heartthrob son Nigel? If she carrie on badmouthing Sir Michael, she will never get to meet him.

  2. That is a really crap joke, Lynne. Spur of the moment and all that but since when were dinosaurs known for their hostility to the Labour Party?* Descriptions like scaly, reptilian, cold-blooded, out of time, and having a brain the size of a walnut would have made more sense.

    *: Unless Michael Foot was known for having a phobia for dinosaurs? I never heard of that, but then I don't recall any mention of him ever going near the Natural History Museum.