Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Lynne is out shopping and is weighed down with bags and boxes. She spies Mrs Grim and asks her for a lift. Mrs Grim says they are full up but Mr Grim proclaims there is room in the back. Mrs Grim drives off and says that there isn't room for someone with a figure like Lynne's.

Lynne has been buying items and not all of them are for herself. One item has been gift wrapped in a shop to assist Lynne. She was grateful for that but it does mean that she now has to carry the box under her arm because the shop didn't have a bag big enough after they boxed and wrapped it.

Lynne spots the Grims, who drive a green Volkswagon polo, and asks for a lift. Although the traffic is quite heavy and getting a lift will not speed up Lynne's journey time greatly, it will help her with her heavy load,

Lynne looks very upset as the Grims drive off. Mrs Grim is insinuating that Lynne's attractive figure will turn the head of Mr Grim, but Lynne is out of earshot as Mrs Grim utters her words. Lynne just believes that Mrs Grim has just driven off without any reason as Lynne is weighed down by her shopping. Never mind Lynne, if you hurry that bus will take you to the end of your road.


  1. The clue is in the name, Lynne. I mean, Mrs Grim.......


  2. Mrs Grim is showing rather a lot of cleavage for a mature woman. It's important to her to keep Mr Grim interested, so it's understandable that she would be annoyed to have Lynne's luscious boobies bouncing in his eyeline.

    However, I think they are giving her a lift. In the final frame, Lynne has stepped into the road, which can only be to put her packages in the boot. That bag is from Dolce & Gabbana, so Lynne has come up to Mayfair to do her shopping. The Grims have been shopping too, so the back seat is indeed full of packages just out of sight.

    It's nice of them to save her a long journey but the back seat will be cramped, and Mrs Grim's snarky remark indicates that there will be very little conversation as they sit in the rush hour traffic back to Wimbledon.