Thursday, January 6, 2011


Lynne is talking on a mobile device. Someone on the other end asks if George persuaded her to go camping. Lynne says that he kept on until she finally gave in. George says he was very persistent.

The mobile device Lynne is talking into is, what with it being 1984, actually a walkie talkie with a range of about 200 metres. Lynne and her friend invested in one so that they could talk to each other if they were both close by, but too far away to talk without amplification. Lynne knew the friend was going camping this weekend and promised to talk to her on the walkie talkie if she gave in to George's demands, which she has.

This means that Lynne's friend is in the same camp site as George and Lynne. Lynne cannot see her so called her on the walkie talkie to find out where she was. George and Lynne have had to pitch their tent far away from the main campsite because they arrived so late due to Lynne trying to not back down to George's demands. Later they will all meet up for a dinner of tepid sausages and beans. What fun!


  1. It might be a CB radio. She has put the main box on the ground and the wire to the handset thingy happens to be concealed by her arms and legs. Looking at the last frame though, maybe it's a cosmetic compact and she's just remembering 'Mantha's (for it must be her) question.

    Anyway, I reckon that Sammy and 'Mantha are over in the caravan section of the park. The four of them were going to rent two adjacent caravans but George's finances are so parlous that he can't even afford that and has had to borrow a tent from the 1950s and go in the little corner reserved for tents. The full question was "We all planned to go caravanning but George persuaded you to go camping?!?" George is putting on a brave face with his tent puns but inside he is crying with shame.

    Later they will all meet up under Sammy and 'Mantha's stripey awning for a dinner cooked on the caravan's state-of-the-art Camping Gaz cooker, tepid sausages and beans.

  2. Somehow, Lynne manages to make the best of herself even though they are camping.