Wednesday, January 5, 2011


George and Lynne are at the pub. A friend tells them that he and his ex are on good terms and they meet up regularly. A woman passing overhears and is stunned. She tells the group that the only contact she wants with her ex is through a medium. Lynne asks if she is dead sure about that.

It's a nice day at the pub and the conversation has turned to ex-girlfriends/wives. We don't know if the man is talking about an ex-wife or girlfriend but he is adamant they meet up regularly. The woman who overhears is the new barmaid who is collecting glasses from the pub garden. She is known for barging in on patrons conversations and lives up to her reputation here.

The group know all about this barmaid and decide to lightly mock her as she comes storming over to offer her opinion on the subject. This is the perfect opportunity for Lynne to execute one of her patented puns and she does so with aplomb, much to amusement of her male company. The barmaid will then rush off in tears as Lynne has upset her. Her ex is indeed dead and he was killed due to being murdered. The killer has yet to be found and the barmaid, being very spiritual, has decided to try and solve the case herself through a medium. She was so upset about his death that she couldn't even bring herself to identify the body. The landlord comes out afterwards to explain the situation and reprimand the group for being so heartless. How could they not know about it? It was all over the papers.

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  1. I think that the barmaid should not have proffered her opinion.