Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lynne is out and about. She sees a red sports car in the street and says that they say having too much money won't make you happy. She ends up seeing an even fancier blue car and says that it's a theory she'd like a chance to test.

Lynne is in a busy part of town. The red car looks to be a Jaguar or an Aston Martin and in the background there is a taxi waiting, a Rolls Royce and what looks like the Colosseum. But this is not Rome, this is London. So perhaps that is a billboard outside the London Coliseum.

Lynne has ended up at a car expo. These kinds of expos usually take place in Olympia or Earl's Court Exhibition Centre. That seems like a very long time to hold in a thought, from Covent Garden to Earl's Court, which takes about 20 minutes on the Piccadilly Line.

This being 1984, fancy cars usually have either gull wing or scissor doors. This must be a Lamborghini that Lynne has spotted. She is familiar with the make of car, or perhaps just the door style, from both the films Condorman and The Cannonball Run. In fact it is The Cannonball Run that has made a lasting impression on her as she sees herself as a bit of a Farrah Fawcett. Poor Lynne has confused her character in Cannoball Run, that of a bespectacled dowdy woman, with that in Charlie's Angels where she is much more feisty.

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