Monday, January 31, 2011


George and Lynne are out hiking. Lynne notices some sheep and informs George that she thinks they are following them. George tells Lynne that that is what sheep do. The sheep bleet at each other and we are given a translation.

George and Lynne's ramble has found them in a field with sheep. With a farmer moving his flock near them, you have to wonder if George and Lynne have strayed off the designated hiking paths onto private land. If those sheep trample them, they've only got themselves to blame.

George says sheep follow people. In some ways he is correct, but the sheep are in fact following the shepherd and not them. He needs to move them from one field to another and George and Lynne's ramble does not come into it.

From the translation offered, it seems that the sheep both believe that George and Lynne are following them and that humans have a tendency to follow sheep. If these sheep thought before bleeting, they'd realise what a presumptuous thing they had just said. To start, George and Lynne were ahead of these sheep earlier, so couldn't have been following them. Secondly, even if George and Lynne are following them, as a percentage of the human population they are tiny so to say that all humans follow sheep is just not accurate. This is just a rough translation though. They could easily be saying “We're walking faster than those humans which gives the impression that they are following us.” “That isn't unlike them though.”


  1. This may be two different flocks of sheep. The last frame would be half an hour or more after George & Lynne's conversation.

    The grey figure in the first two frames is a farmer/shepherd but the white figure in the last frame looks more like an infantryman. George and Lynne are on Salisbury Plain and have managed to wander into the middle of a military exercise. This is extremely dangerous and they will at the very least get a severe talking to when that soldier spots them.

    (The author may also be suggesting that the second flock are military sheep who have been specially engineered to be extremely intelligent. Dark Sci Fi would be an interesting new direction for the G&L story.)

  2. Something nearing reality and humour would be an interesting new direction for the G&L story.

  3. When have we ever read G&L for its humour?

  4. Fair point, Hughesie. It's funny because it's crap!