Monday, July 27, 2009


Lynne is having a massage and the small talk turns to the problem the masseuse is having with her fiance Tim. The masseuse thinks that Tim isn't serious about marrying her as he's booked the wedding for 2030. Lynne assumes she means 8.30 in the evening and proclaims that it is late for a wedding. The masseuse corrects Lynne by telling her that it is booked for 2030 the year. She then has a little cry.

Again, how well does Lynne know this masseuse. We can only assume that their relationship is more than just professional, or maybe it has started as a professional relationship but it has blossomed into more, much like you may have with a hairdresser or fitness instructor. Lynne has a kind face and is a good listener so the masseuse decides that they are friends enough to tell Lynne a big problem with her personal life.

Does anyone actually use the 24 hour clock when talking about time unless they are in the military or planning a heist? For Lynne to assume that it is 8.30 in the evening is a little silly, unless of course this masseuse has a military past. Perhaps she used to be a physical therapist in the army. Perhaps she once spent time in jail for armed robbery, where she decided to learn physiotherapy.

Before you lambast Lynne for presuming something preposterous, think about this. Lynne lives in the early 80s, so for the masseuse to be referring to a year means that the wedding will be about 50 years in the future, which is just silly. To people in the 1980s, the year 2030 is in science fiction territory. To them, weddings will take place on the moon conducted by hologram vicars in silver jumpsuits. People won't exchange rings and vows but laser guns and data chips. So there is no way Lynne would assume that it is the year 2030 being talked about.

How do you say the year 2030 anyway? Or how would you have said it in 1983? As Twenty-thirty or Two thousand and Thirty? It's an age old question. But let's not dwell on this. Let's think how busy the local church must be if Tim can't get a free Saturday there for another 47 years. You'd think he would look at other venues rather than just booking the next available date.


  1. I think we should all cut Lynne some slack here, she looks like she has been spending far too much time with Sammy and is about to succumb to a hepatic encephalopathy. All that toxic waste is ending up in here brain.

  2. Does Lynne live in the 80s or the 70s? There seems to be some confusion here.

  3. Your blog posts make me very happy