Thursday, January 20, 2011


Lynne is talking to a pregnant friend. The friend says that one moment she's a top model, the next she's a whale. Lynne tells her not to worry and asks the woman if the father is being supportive. The woman cries and says that he asked her if she wanted krill for dinner.

For someone who used to be a top model, Lynne's friend doesn't look in the mirror much. She'll only have got to that size during the last three months of her pregnancy so it wouldn't have happened in a moment. After her modelling career ended, she may have got rid of all the mirrors in her house as they were a sad reminder of her lucrative past.

Lynne does not mention the name of the father of this unborn child. In fact she heard a rumour that it could be one of two men, so doesn't want to embarrass anyone by saying the wrong name. She is none the wiser afterwards but is content that the father is at least feeding this woman.

The father of the unborn child is way ahead of the game. He has heard of the positive effects of krill oil as a dietary supplement but he have misheard if he intends to serve it as a meal in its own right. Krill is probably just his name for the tiny prawns that they sell in the supermarket. His mentioning of the word upset the woman but he didn't mean anything by it; he had merely just finished writing an angry letter to Londis saying that their prawns were tiny and he'd get more meat off krill. The word was fresh in his mind. However, feeding his pregnant wife with shellfish might be a bad idea. Let's hope he cooks those prawns well.


  1. Unless he is a habitual maker of dubious puns (in which case he and Lynne should definitely get together for a pun battle), she probably just misheard "a mixed grill". Either way, the idea is so revolting to her that she is clearly about to throw up. Lynne realises this and has made sure she is well out of the target zone.

  2. At what point was she ever a top model? She's got a face like a robber's dog for goodness sake.

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