Wednesday, January 19, 2011


George and Lynne are in the garden. George pricks himself on a thorn, says 'ouch' and asks Lynne why roses have thorns. Lynne says that she is just pleased that thorns have roses.

The time has come and George is finally sorting out the garden. He got a taste for tidying things up after the cleaning incident yesterday and has decided enough is enough with the overgrown garden. Unfortunately, his idea of tidying up the garden is to cut all the roses down.

After George cuts his finger he asks why roses have thorns. His question is rhetorical but the answer is that they have grown them over the centuries and millennia to protect their sweet tasting petals from herbivore predators.

Lynne doesn't know this but attempts to come up with a witty answer. It does not make sense and doesn't George know it. Look at his face! He has literally never heard anything so stupid in all his life. All he wanted was a plaster and all he got was nonsense. It's a good job he's not a haemophiliac.


  1. George looks like he is going to slap Lynne about after that comment of hers. He really is a nasty bit of work and Lynne would do well to get away from him as soon as possible.

  2. Ah, Lynne, sweet Lynne. She gives a perfect example of her 'glass half-full' view of life and all George can do is glower at her as if he wants to strangle her with her own bikini top.
    Get out, Lynne. Get out now. You are too good and trusting to be with the likes of George.

  3. Lynne perhaps remembers her time at Newnham, Cambridge and her readings of the famous poem by Gerarg Manley Hopkins about thorns being the significant parts of roses.