Thursday, June 4, 2009


Lynne is at dinner or lunch with friends Alice and Angelina. Alice complains that no diet she tries seem to work to which Angelina agrees. Lynne seems confused that Angelina needs to diet. Angelina explains that she means a man free diet and walks off with a man.

The dinner is ending as all three women have coffee cups. Alice must have started her conversation about diets as the dinner may have seemed quite fattening to them. Normally I would be confused that Lynne, who usually only keeps the company of young busty women, would be having dinner with someone who is obviously older than her, but I like this fact. Maybe they all have some sort of part time job together, or they were old work colleagues that Lynne hasn't seen for a while.

Angelina is fishing for attention with her comment. The whole table knows full well that she has no trouble with her weight and wants someone to say so. In between Lynne asking this question and Angelina has replied, there is what seems to be the norm here of a long awkward pause. Angelina has walked around and found a man to leave with and then answers the question. How long must this have taken? Did she proposition every man in the restaurant? Or just try and catch their eye?

In fact I bet Angelina met this man earlier, and consequently tried out the man diet line knowing full well that she was going home with a man. The whole thing is for effect. We should have known this was going to happen as Angelina is showing part of her nipple, a sure sign that she is a tramp. 

Two more things spring to mind here. Firstly, who is this man with that he can just take home a stranger he meets at a restaurant? If it's with his friends they must have been egging him on. Look how wide his shirt is, the man is obviously drunk. Secondly, Angelina has left without leaving any money for the food she's just eaten. If she makes a habit of this she won't be invited out to these work reunions.


  1. Mark E. Smith did well for himself though.

  2. Mr Smith has done very well. Just shows what you can do if you bleach your hair. I think I might try hanging around in restaurants looking out for women with their nipples showing, I might even bleach my hair for the occasion. At least this time Lynne remembered to get dressed, unlike here,

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