Wednesday, October 13, 2010


George is looking under the bonnet of his car. Lynne asks him what the problem is and George replies that he doesn't have a clue. He asks her to take a look and then thinks to himself that he'll take a good look too.

There is something wrong with George's car. Although this car has the same front as George's normal car, it seems as though this car has no paint job. George picked up this rustbucket for cheap and now intends to do it up as a little project. What George is most confused about is how something which doesn't even have a battery in it can still have its lights on.

This is not the first time that George has used this method to take a look at Lynne's rear. It is strange that Lynne has fallen for it again. She must really want to improve her car maintenance skills. She must have some knowledge for George to ask her to have a look. Yes, he only wants to ogle her behind, but this ruse doesn't work unless Lynne has at least a passing interest in engines.

The doing up of the car is just a pet project for George, and also Lynne. He really only bought the car for the number plate. 7 BPF is a desirable number plate. George likes to think the P stands for 'property'.


  1. I think that George enjoys his wife, and wants to continue to enjoy her.

  2. this is the car that George has acquired for the hit on the restaurant that he & Lynne had been casing out.

    the number plate will need to be changed though.

  3. More remarkable is that George feels the need to contrive ways to observe Lynne's arse. She's not normally very shy about it, is she?