Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Lynne is in the bath when George comes in to tell her that they say there could be a drought this year. As George strips off, Lynne is startled and asks what he is doing. George says he is joining her to conserve water. Lynne throws a sponge at him.

George has been listening to the radio in his towel whilst waiting for Lynne to get out of the bath. She has spent far too long in there, so long that the water has turned a vibrant pink.

George is so concerned about the impending drought that he wants to get straight to it and start saving water. He is in such panic that he's likely to use that bathwater to boil his potatoes in later.

What George doesn't know is that Lynne has already planned against the oncoming drought by bathing in two centimetres of water. They are now conserving water twice. The problem is that restrictions on water probably won't come into place until the drought has hit, so what they are doing now, whilst very earth friendly, is essentially pointless.


  1. From her semi-regular attendance at Wimbledon Against Want coffee mornings Lynne has learned that drought is no laughing matter for people in far off, hot countries. This is why she is first shocked then annoyed that George would use the excuse of water shortage for such a shallow, self interested motive.

    George on the other hand has just heard the news on the radio that there may be a hosepipe ban, and he is remembering the days of the Great Water Restriction of '76. Lynne and Mantha would often frolic at the standpipe at the end of the street. Also these were the days before Sammy turned to drink and was much more reliable as a friend.

    For George droughts are indeed happy memories.

  2. at least George isn't sneaking around trying to grab a furtive glance of his wife's body.

    they need to get the rusty pipes seen to though.

  3. Lynne is much paler than George.