Tuesday, October 5, 2010


George and Lynne are at the pub. Lynne comes back from the bar with two drinks and George lambasts her for taking so long. She explains that she had to wait at the bar. George asks her if there was a big queue in front of her. Lynne says that there was a big queue behind her.

Lynne has bought the drinks. She doesn't trust herself to carry two drinks so she has asked for a tray to carry them back. The pint of cider is for George and the tiny sherry is for Lynne. During the walk from the bar to the garden Lynne acquires a nice tan. That's some strong sun.

Lynne's explanation for her delay does not make sense. If there was a big queue behind her, then the only reason she waited so long at the bar was that she was being so socially inept that she couldn't order two drinks. The resulting queue was getting increasingly annoyed. Lynne got her order wrong three times and then insisted on asking for a tray. The bar staff had to go on a long hunt for one but in the end they found one. George's cider is now flat though.


  1. presumably it was a "dress like Pan's People" theme day at The Ferryboat.

    George has failed.

  2. If you review the scene in panel 3, it appears the queue forming behind Lynne may be people attempting to get a look at Lynne's wagging tail. Covering it in pink lycra has only emphasised its existence.

  3. On second thoughts, it could be that someone else has taken her identity.

  4. Not necessarily; it could be that she has an identical twin sister.