Wednesday, October 27, 2010


George and Lynne are at the golf club. Two men approach and greet George. George introduces them to Lynne as Tony and Sean. Lynne greets one guessing that he is Sean.

George is very popular at the golf club. He is known to many people because he joined on his own and had to make friends to avoid been seen as a loner. Two people he has befriended are Tony and Sean.

Lynne guesses which one of them is called Sean. We do not find out if he is called Sean but Lynne must have good reason for her guess. It could be that George has introduced them from left to right, which would mean that the man on the right is Sean. It could be that Lynne is attracted to this man and wants to flirt with him immediately. Even if he is not Sean, she has an immediate conversation starter. It could be that because this man is wearing green, he might be Irish and therefore called Sean. As the other man is red headed, this was a 50/50 guess.

The most probably reason is that Lynne has not heard the name Sean before and assumes it is foreign. As this man is black, she makes an educated guess that all Seans are or of African origin. When she guesses, she says the words very slowly and pronounces every word clearly. Sean, if that is Sean, looks offended and will ask for George's membership to be rescinded on account of him having a racist wife.


  1. Maybe Lynne also assumed that Sean was the one in the green shirt because the one who greeted her husband George was the other one, and George introduced them as Tony and Sean;
    Lynne is aware that a cartooniost has been following her around for decades, and often puts a mildly raunchy connotation on almost everything she & George are involved with, so she surmises that Tony and Sean are in 'a reltaionship'. Lynne, very sensibly, works on the basis that her counterpart must be the other one, who is therefore Sean.
    Lynne worked this out in a flash, which is a good use of her Cambridge-educated mind (remember she was at Newnham).

  2. the only other Sean (or Shawn) that Lynne knows is the sheep from Wallace & Gromit. she has spotted the curly hair, put 2 and 2 together and got 5 as per usual.