Thursday, October 7, 2010


Lynne is playing beach volleyball with an unnamed friend. She says that beach volleyball is George's favourite sport. Her friend asks, in one way or another, why he doesn't play himself. George says that it is his favourite spectator sport.

Despite only a slash of blue sky cut into the white clouds, Lynne and her friend have insisted on not only braving the beach but also disrobing. The holiday hasn't been a complete failure though judging by Lynne's tan lines.

By the amount of seagulls that are circling the area, the beach must be near a landfill. This really must be a difficult game of volleyball. It's cold and it stinks.

It looks as though Lynne's friend has lost that point. She must be furious with Lynne's gamesmanship. If Lynne had stated initially that beach volleyball was George's favourite spectator sport, then she would not have had to ask the question back, which in turn led to George's comment thus distracting her and losing the point. It seems that George and Lynne cruise the beach volleyball courts sharking their opponents and then cleaning up. Like a Margate version of The Color Of Money.


  1. I say, Lynne has a nasty rash in that first frame.

  2. Lynne continues to take more exercise than George.

  3. from the look on Lynne's face she just got wacked on the back of the head by the ball. she will be cursing George for distracting her.

    it's all part of the hustle though. the next game will be double or quits where our suburban con team wipe the floor with the unsuspecting mark.

  4. Does anyone else get the impression with this and yesterday's cartoon that George is paying Lynne and her opponent to frolic like that in front of him? George really is seedy .