Tuesday, October 26, 2010


George and Lynne are being driven by a friend, Clive. George thanks Clive for the lift to which Clive says it is his pleasure. George then admires Clive's car. Clive thanks George for his compliment and adds that he likes it with the top down but he prefers Lynne's. As he says this, a gust of wind blows open Lynne's dress and she screams.

Clive drives a cabriolet sports car. He has decided to put the top down even though it looks like it is a very windy autumn day. He has the top down to impress George and Lynne, who were in town shopping but then became stuck because the sudden adverse weather had caused all the trains to be cancelled. It looks like he is speeding, which he is also doing to impress George and Lynne.

The wind is picking up; leaves are blowing everywhere and George's Brylcreamed hair has been blown out of place. The wind picks up so much that it blows open Lynne's dress. Lynne must have drastically misread the weather forecast and left the house in a flimsy dress with no bra. The Beaufort scale does not seem to have a description which says 'blows summer dresses off and dislodges pomade' but at a guess this wind is at level 7. Clive should get home before trees and telegraph poles become dislodged and block his route.


  1. Clive is a designer for MG in the year 1998. He used a prototype MGF to travel back in time to 1982 to find out what middle aged men would find sexy in early 2000s.

    The gamble didn't pay off as Clive was distracted by Lynnes low quality blouse which ultimately lead to MG/Rovers demise.

  2. Clive is clearly some kind of perverse wizard - or possibly he is actually Sylar, in a continuum in which he has killed Hiro and travelled back to the 80's on some kind of sex holiday.

  3. It is good that George enjoys his wife.

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