Monday, October 4, 2010


Lynne is out jogging. She thinks to herself that Hanna's new boyfriend hasn't much to say for himself. She thinks that that isn't a problem though as Hanna has enough to say for both of them. Hanna is talking nearby.

Lynne has gone jogging but has forgotten to put her clothes on. Before you suggest she should be arrested for public indecency, she is in fact wearing her underwear but not her running gear. She is wearing her sports bra and underpants but this is not the attire for jogging. Even the people behind her are commenting on how foolish she looks.

Lynne has been thinking about Hanna and her new boyfriend. This is not a coincidence. She has seen them up ahead and this is the reason this thought flashed into her mind. Hanna talks a lot but most of what she says is just gibberish. That's what Lynne hears – in fact Hanna had been commenting on how ridiculous Lynne looks running around in her underwear. She quickly has to cover up this conversation by changing it. Unfortunately the only thing she could think to say was 'Blah bla more bla'. There is no way that Lynne won't think that they weren't talking about her.


  1. Hanna is in fact very posh. Translating what she is saying into something that mere mortals can understand it transpires that she is talking about the Labour Party conference. Her complaint: it was Blair, Blair and more Blair.

    Lynne's running gear is down to her losing a bet with George. The forfait was complete her normal run in just her underwear. George was hoping for the skimpy two piece but Lynne disappointed him by using her more conservative exercise set.

  2. In fact, that isn't Hanna but Kate Silverton from the BBC. Quite why she'd be walking out with someone who looks like a decrepit vicar is anyone's guess.