Wednesday, October 6, 2010


George and Sammy are in the garden. George tells Sammy that it seems the local astronomy club wants Lynne as their chairperson. Sammy asks why and George replies that they think she has a heavenly body.

Once again, George is neglecting his duties; talking to Sammy rather than tending to that overgrown garden. When Lynne emerges it's as though she is coming out of a forest. From all these times of seeing their garden, we may have to now accept that this is the way they like it.

George's comment leads to two schools of thought. The first is that the astronomy like Lynne's body, heavenly meaning very nice. This is no way to run an astronomy club. All the men will be ogling Lynne and leave her to make all the decisions. If they're not careful, she'll blow their government grant on perfume and pants. The other explanation is that the astronomy club would never misappropriate the the term heavenly body. This means that they think that Lynne is the size of a small planet. The only reason that the astronomy club want Lynne to be their chairperson is so they can laugh at her. That's just cruel.

If they had said that Lynne had 'heavenly bodies' then that would be correct on both counts. This astronomy club is shambles. However if Sammy finds out they have free punch at the AGM, he'll join in a flash.


  1. What may have been overlooked is that, after boarding school, Lynne obtained a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge, majoring in Astronomy. It is this that makes her suitable for this role.

  2. The drawing is improving; however, Lynne's head is out of proportion. Could that be because she be an alien, and that is why the astronomers are interested?

  3. The comma in "Why, Lynne?" in the second frame means that Sammy is asking Lynne, not George. It's very rude of George to cut across his wife and answer for her. Perhaps this shows what George thinks of her - a bimbo who has been chosen by the society for her looks and not her outstanding astronomical skills.

  4. it's something to do with those planet sized orbs Lynne is supporting.

    is sammy on the wagon? he doesn't appear to be holding a drink of any kind.

  5. George may have misheard - Lynne has been asked to join the anatomy club.