Thursday, October 21, 2010


Lynne is at a café with two unnamed friends. One says that, in one week, Guy has given her chocolates, champagne and flowers. Lynne says she can guess what he's after. The first lady says it's forgiveness. Lynne and the third lady look shocked.

The lady in green appears to be speaking clearly, but this is a busy café and some of her words may have lost in the hum of the clientele. Therefore we don't know if it is a man called Guy, presumably her husband, who has been giving her these gifts or she means 'a guy'.

Lynne believes she has read this conversation perfectly. She believes she doesn't need to hear the end of it to know how it ends so she butts in to give her tuppence worth. She is wrong. Where as the lady with the black hair is shocked that this guy could do anything that would need forgiveness, Lynne is shocked that she is wrong.

For the uninitiated, Lynne thinks that this 'Guy' has only been buttering up the woman in order to involve himself in coitus with her. However, the truth is that he is trying to make up for something. Perhaps coitus with a third party, perhaps with the black haired lady who has kept very quiet during all of this. Your silence speaks volumes, black haired lady.


  1. Despite a healthy physical relationship with her husband, Lynne cannot bring herself to actually mention affairs of the bedroom directly. So she tries to hint at coitus by putting on her best ‘blow up doll’ expression. While George is particularly fond of this look, Lynnes friends are just perplexed, causing the lady in the green dress to angrily articulate what she thinks Lynne may have meant.

  2. reading between the lines, George may be after something completely different when he adopts these tactics with Lynne.

    what could that be?

    the lady with black hair is in shock as she is having a passionate affair with Guy. He told her that he was leaving the red headed bitch but now it seems that he is trying to make up.

    what a bastard.

  3. Lynne's thinking may be befuddled by Sam's drinking peoblem.