Thursday, October 14, 2010


Lynne is in a sauna. She thinks to herself that Jayne's husband looks like a Greek god. She continues to think that some people says she's lucky but Lynne doesn't because the Greek god he looks most like is Aphrodite.

Lynne thinks that Jayne's husband looks like a woman. The fact we had to go through her internal monologue was a complete waste of everyone's time.


  1. a complete waste of time for everyone ... except George who is taking advantage of a conviently positioned knot hole.

  2. Lynne is not necessarily solo in the sauna. Bear in mind that in 1970s Finland, it was still a commonplace for even public saunas (not just private, family ones) to be entirely clotheless and mixed; so Lynne could make a particularly well-informed assessment.
    However, although Lynne shows her cruel side in thinking Jayne's husband looks more Aphodite [than Adonis], the actual construction of the plot is nearly as weak as the recent one on doing the dishes at the restaurant after leaving George's wallet at home.
    Yes, Robbo is bound to be right in expecting George to be observing Lynne, although he need not be so furtive about it. They are married and, so, are entitled to enjoy each other.