Monday, October 11, 2010


George and Lynne are playing tennis. Lynne says that people say she should have played at Wimbledon. George asks if that is because of her great tennis. Lynne says it isn't but because of her great legs. George hugs her and says game, set and match.

Lynne is clearly beating George in this tennis match. She volleys past him twice with little effort. It is this form which causes Lynne to tell George about her tennis past. It seems George and Lynne have not played tennis together before because George would surely know how good Lynne is and perhaps heard her Wimbledon story before.

Lynne has misunderstood why people play at Wimbledon. It is in fact a tennis tournament and you have to be quite good at tennis, which Lynne clearly is, to play there. She however thinks that you can earn a wild card for having good legs. If this was the case, there would be an awful lot of love matches at Wimbledon each year.

By the end, George is just happy to get off this court. They are nowhere near finished but George realises he is being trounced. By saying 'game, set and match' he is implying that the game is over. He has had enough and this is the last time he will visit PDNP Tennis Centre.


  1. It's really quite sweet, as George is quite hapopy to lose to Lynne as he has won (her) anyway; rather like the Abba song from the same era, Waterloo.

  2. The reason George is losing is that Lynne isn't playing fairly. I always lose to little-bitty knickers, or none at all, too.

  3. last week it was volleyball, this week George and Lynne are planning a hustle at the tennis club.