Monday, October 18, 2010


George and Lynne are out and about. Lynne notices Tina with her new husband and tells George. George comments that Tina is in great shape, but wonders if it is all her own. Lynne confirms that it is and adds that the only plastic she needs is his credit card.

This is a shopping day for George and Lynne. The sun is shining, so George has opted for his STE t-shirt and they're off to Goo for a bargain. It is difficult to see what sort of shop Goo is, but it is somewhere where a young woman such as Tina would take her new rich husband for some things.

Lynne knows everyone in the town, but is rarely invited to any weddings. Many people she sees are out with their new spouses but seldom does Lynne know the names of the new spouses. How does she know the women in the first place? Did they roll together back in their teens, raising hell, or has she just bumped into them in the supermarket and chatted over a shared love of Smash and Angel Delight? Whichever it is, they aren't close enough to have any sort of meaningful relationship.

Lynne's presence has made this woman feel a little awkward. Tina has recently married a man with a lot of money and a huge wedding was had. Lynne was one of only a few not invited to either the service or the reception. Tina decides that it would be easier for all to blank Lynne out of fear for getting into a conversation about said wedding, or Angel Delight. Lynne is so involved in her own comment that she fails to notice. A victory for Tina.


  1. Lynne is still a bit dizzy from her extended session in the sauna thinking about Greek Gods. She starts to quip about Tina and her husband as they arrive at Goo to return the shirt that he had hoped to wear to Bennidorm that year but had stretched alarmingly.

    The service at Goo is exemplary as evidenced by Tinas husbands smile upon receiving a snug replacement. It is on seeing them leave that Lynne recalls she was telling a joke and tells the punch line.

    Alas timing is everything in comedy as we can see by Georges reaction to Lynnes catty wit.

  2. I am lost for words on the pathetic-ness of this entry in the George and Lynne canon. Apparently Lynne has an inexhaustible supply of acquanitances that are good for a single bad joke and then never seen again.

    she will need to move to a new town soon as she must be running out of victims by now.

  3. It could be that Tina is more materialistic than sentimental.