Tuesday, October 19, 2010


George and Lynne are going to bed. Lynne tells George that Ken and Kelly, who Lynne was talking to on the phone, want them to join them for a weekend at a naturist camp and wants to know what they should pack. George says they only need the bare necessities.

Ken and Kelly have called George and Lynne quite late at night. By the look on George's face, he was hoping to go to sleep a while ago, but has been kept awake by this phone call. By the second frame he can barely keep his eyes open. Honestly, who calls at this hour?

For Ken and Kelly to call so late to invite George and Lynne to a naturist camp can only mean they are drunk. They have had a wild idea that swanning around naked for a weekend would be a fun idea, but who to ask? They know Lynne isn't shy so they phoned her. When they wake up tomorrow, Ken and Kelly will be very embarrassed that they went through with their drunken phone call and may have to call again to say they've changed their mind.


  1. George looks like he is entertaining himself while Lynne is on the phone and by the look on his face it has been a long call.

    Lynne had better be ready for some very quick action now she is off the phone.

  2. Poor Lynne. By now, it will all be over in a couple of seconds.

  3. The relationship between George & Lynne is a microcosm of male/female relationships.