Thursday, August 26, 2010


George and Lynne are outside. Lynne has the car bonnet up and is looking at the engine. She asks George what the problem is. George replies that from where he is standing, there isn't one.

George and Lynne have decided to go out for a drive, but the car has not started. For some reason, maybe because she has a good mechanical mind, Lynne has decided to take a look under the bonnet. She realises she's out of her depth and immediately asks George what he thinks. She may know already and just wishes to humour George so he feels involved.

When asked his opinion George says that there isn't a problem. You have to wonder what George is looking at. The car has obviously not started and George thinks there is no problem. It would help if George got a little closer to the engine as he cannot have a good view from all the way back there.

George could actually be telling the truth. This could be a ruse just to see Lynne's knickers. He knows Lynne has been reading car manuals having bought a load at a car boot sale and that she would immediately want to show off her new found knowledge, so he has feigned a bad engine by not actually turning the engine over. George, you old dog!


  1. Judging by the shape of her legs in the last frame, Lynne is starting to show her age.

  2. There must be 3 or 4 artists doing this stuff. One day, she has thunder thighs, and the next day, she is as Havocman said. This is a good cartoon, but I wish these guys would get their act together.

  3. George is right. Which is more interesting ...a knackered car or naughty knickers ??