Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Lynne is having a massage. The masseuse asks Lynne to confirm that she simply asked Larry the lawyer how his family was. Lynne does confirm this and adds that he spent two hours telling her and then handed her a bill for £400.

This is no ordinary massage parlour. With all the equipment, Lynne must be at a physiotherapist of some kind. The woman is wearing what look like OR scrubs. Does this mean that that Lynne is being prepped for an operation? She has been going to the doctor a lot recently so perhaps the most recent doctor has seen something that needs to be operated on. The nurse or surgeon seems to be prodding around Lynne's liver or kidneys and Lynne looks to be in pain. This could be a serious operation.

If the operation is so serious, why is the woman having a normal chat with her? This woman must be an anaesthetist and is trying to relax Lynne as the anaesthetic kicks in. It's an alternative to counting back from 10 but she feels this method really does relax the patients.

Initially we thought that Lynne was here to have liver or kidneys operated on. However on closer inspection this is probably the most complicated operation that has ever taken place in this hospital. It appears Lynne does not have any legs, or at least none below the knee. Has Lynne always been like this? How did she lose them? Whatever the story, she has found a surgeon who can finally do a full leg transplant on her. The woman doctor is finding the right tendons and muscles so the new legs can be attached. It's a ten hour operation and everyone is incredibly nervous but Dr Campbell is the world's leading limb transplant specialist. Good luck Dr Campbell.


  1. while he is down there, he could use 1983's answer to laser hair removal treatments to banish the tuft which Lynne is sporting. That is an unseemly bush Lynne.

    Talking of which, has anyone else spotted Dr Campbell's primitive up skirt technology? He has cunningly cut a hole out of the filing camera and placed a none too discreet home video camera with the lens poking out the hole and zooming right in on his patients areas. You've got about 2 years, doc, till home movie cameras become common in wimbledon, then you're busted.

    Lets hope its not betamax, eh doc? And lets hope you remember the lawyer's number Lynne.

  2. i meant the underam tuft which lynne is sporting.