Thursday, March 11, 2010


Lynne is at the gym. She tells an unnamed friend that she is lucky because George still has most of his hair. The woman says that she has had three husbands who all lost their hair. Lynne tells her that it might be a case of hair today, gone tomorrow.

At T-Fit, there are only two exercise bikes so people waiting for them to be free have to linger around looking uninterested. As soon as someone finishes there is a mad rush as people scrap to get to the vacated equipment. This usually ends with things being thrown. The woman in the black leotard is a victim of this last scramble as she has had tippex thrown on her top. The person responsible must be either Lynne or her friend. No one says anything about it as this is club rules.

Lynne is having a laugh if she believes that George still has most of his hair. His barnet is a classic case of a receding hairline which will then develop into male pattern baldness. The only thing that is in his favour is that he seems to have had the same head of hair for a while now so perhaps the rate of hairloss has itself receded. However George is probably in his early to mid 30s so there could still be some hairloss still to come and he could show some baldness in his crown area in 3-5 years. If he has had the same amount of hair for the last 8-10 years then Lynne could be correct, although a better statement would be that George still has most of the hair he had ten years ago.

The woman looks annoyed when she tells Lynne that all of her husbands lost their hair, but smiles at the end. This smirk is not a reaction to Lynne's poor joke. No, it is more a realisation that her ex-husbands were nasty men who took the anger of their premature balding out on their wife, in this case, this woman. She had a torrid time with all three husbands and has now vowed never to marry a balding man again. Luckily she was awarded handsome settlements in the divorces. With so much money, it's a wonder she still works out at T-Fit, but she signed for a year's membership and thinks it would be rude to join another gym before her membership expires.

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