Thursday, March 18, 2010


George is fishing when a man with a dog comes up and asks him if he is married to a high maintenance wife. George confirms that he is and then the man asks him if he has thought of trading her in for a cheaper model. George says he wouldn't do that because he'd miss the more expensive model's added extras. Lynne is topless.

The man with the dog must have just witnessed an altercation between George and Lynne, perhaps something along the line that George would be catching this evening's supper. Lynne kicked up a fuss and then proceeded to dive into the river. If this had not happened then this man with the dog has got some nerve to start a conversation with that question. It's up there with 'Your wife's a bit ugly' or 'You are pathetic in every way, shape and form.' Perhaps George was having a conversation with the man anyway when Lynne caused a stink. George then rolled his eyes causing the man to ask the question.

It just so happens that this man deals in the illegal trading and trafficking of women. He sees that he could get a lot of money out of Lynne and is willing to trade one of his uglier women for her. He would most likely ship her off to Amsterdam against her will, leaving George with an Eastern European lady who is just happy to sleep on a bed. George would no longer have to worry about his credit card or people looking at his wife. The man with the dog has gauged the situation and decided that George is the sort of man who he could do a deal with, and, if he isn't, won't take too much offence from his proposition.

George has decided against the deal. He believes that Lynne's breasts more than make up for the gifts he has to buy her. During all this time, Lynne has jumped in the river, had a small swim and got out again at the jetty. Saying that, it seems to be only her right hand that is dripping so she may just have put that in the water to check the temperature. After realising it was too cold, she kicked up another almighty fuss. It's no wonder it's cold. Not only is it the Thames but the outside temperature is low as George is wearing a polo neck and jacket. The only reason the man with the dog has his sweater tied around his waist is that he has just had a small run with his dog and has warmed up a bit. Lynne may be complaining but what does she expect. If she didn't spend all of George's money they could go on a more expensive holiday, if only her breasts would allow her.

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  1. Bizarrely, the lead that the dog is on looks like a guide dog lead. If so, how on earth has the man even noticed that George is sat fishing? Perhaps George has a particularly unpleasant body odour problem and the blind man has smelt him from some distance away. Of course, with being blind he would probably have a heightened sense of hearing and would have easily heard any altercation between George and Lynne.

    Or perhaps, just perhaps, George and Lynne live in an alternative universe where everyone is a star in a third rate sitcom. It would certainly explain the fact that pretty much every conversation seems to consist of feedlines for piss poor jokes. George and Lynne? George and Mildred more like.