Tuesday, November 17, 2009


George and Lynne are out feeding the ducks. Lynne tells George that she went to a new doctor that George had recommended. George asks Lynne what she thought of him. All the ducks start quacking and Lynne decides to answer the question by referring to the sound that the ducks are making, thus calling this doctor a quack.

What is wrong with Lynne? She's had to see a doctor but she has been so unimpressed with her normal doctor that she has had to seek a new one. And it is George who has recommended this new doctor. So this means that they do not usually go to the same doctor. This means that the doctor that George has recommended must be a specialist doctor of some sort and Lynne's ailment needs a specialist. George goes to the same doctor so the ailment must be unisex, so it can't be lady orientated. Some sort of sports injury maybe.

George and Lynne certainly have different views of this doctor. George has recommended him because he thinks he is very good. It is either this or someone at George's work thinks this and mentioned him after Lynne's ailment came up in conversation. If this is the case then it might be some sort of lady troubles that Lynne is having. I don't think Lynne would be too happy with George for telling his entire office about Lynne's problems. Sensitivity is the name of the game here and George doesn't have it. However it is a small price to pay to get Lynne's problems sorted out once and for all, and this doctor is highly recommended.

Lynne was not impressed with the doctor. Whatever her problem is, this doctor has not sorted it. In fact he didn't even have a clue and gave her some nonsense prescription, probably the same one she had from the previous doctor who she had to stop seeing. What do you have to do to get your lady problems sorted out in this town? These doctors aren't doing it. If it doesn't get better soon, Lynne will have to go further afield to find a reputable doctor who can sort it out. Surely 'Mantha knows a good doctor, or at least a place where you can buy Canesten.


  1. Lynne must be after some tamazaepam, and can't get a doctor to prescribe. And what are the chances that George and Lynne are off feeding ducks, just as Lynne tells George his doctor is a quack. Do you think she has been saving the conversation up for days? No wonder she is having sleepless nights.

  2. Is it ever winter in Wimbledon (if that is where George and Lynne live)? I don't think I've ever seen them in anything other than summer clothes. I suppose they could actually be French, Spanish or Italian and the strip has kindly been translated by the soaraway Sun.

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