Tuesday, March 30, 2010


George and Lynne are at an art gallery. Lynne comments that the gallery itself isn't even finished. George corrects her and tells her that the bricks are actually exhibits. The artist himself arrives, tells them that he is the artist and that he'll have his own gallery one day. Lynne says that she sees he has started building it already.

The art gallery that George and Lynne have gone to is actually called Art Gallery. Many people would think this is a very predictable name for an art gallery but in fact it is possibly the artiest name for an art gallery there could be. Art Gallery has only been around for a short time, which explains why George and Lynne have not been there before. This could however just be the civic hall with a quickly erected gallery for the students of Wimbledon college. Just round the corner are the crafts, and on the ground floor is the cake sale.

The artist has appeared. Although he tells George and Lynne he is the artist, we also know he is an artist because he has fancy beard and wears beads. Finally if there was any confusion that he wasn't an artist of any kind he is wearing a t-shirt that simply says ART. Many people would think that this is a very predictable thing to have on a t-shirt but in fact it is possibly the artiest thing to have on a t-shirt. The gallery is quite empty so the artist is just happy to see someone looking at his work. He has been sitting there waiting for the past 45 minutes as the cake sale has proved far more popular than his paintings.

Lynne seems very bitter here. Instead of admiring the work, she decides to berate the artist just because she doesn't understand the work. If only the artist had explained that his pile of bricks represents the struggle that the working class have in this harsh environment of Thatcher's Britain. It is a powerful piece of work but unfortunately his work is way before its time. He will never get his own gallery and will die in poverty. In the early 21st century his work will be displayed in the Tate Modern to great applause. Lynne will not be there.

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  1. Maybe his name is Arthur "Art" Gallery. The sign is advertising his exhibition. His mum got him a t-shirt with his name on from Alton Towers. Most people wouldn't wear a t-shirt their mum got them, especially when your name is a homonym like Art, but Art's an artist and his mind is on higher things.

    Art Gallery's Art Gallery is going to blow people's mind.