Monday, March 15, 2010


George and Lynne are at a cricket match. Lynne reminds George that they met at a cricket match. George says he couldn't forget it and goes on to explain that he was chasing a ball to fine leg but he ended up chasing a fine pair of legs instead, which belonged to Lynne.

Whoever decided on the seating layout for this match is liable for the inevitable injuries that will be sustained. The cricket match is going on in the background but it is at the wrong angle for maximum crowd safety. Any onside drive by the batsman is going to end up in the crowd. In fact, the square leg umpire is likely to be in the crowd at the moment. That's the place to hit a shot if you want to get a four in this match. And the crowd aren't even looking at the game; a lofted shot to mid wicket may be catching someone square in the head.

George's position for his cricket match was fine leg. This is likely to put George as perhaps a bowler rather than a batsman. George was a fine wrist spinner in his time, but an increasing workload and a minor hip injury pulled his plans of playing at county level. A shame. George's best figures were 4-33 and 45 n.o. Not bad for the village scene.

Of course George was ostracized from his village cricket team after said leg chasing incident. The wicket had become perfect for a wrist spinner like him and he was about to finish off the tail-enders. However, instead of a famous victory, George went off with a busty blonde and his opponents made an impressive 9th wicket stand of 39, thus winning the game. George was never formally sacked from the team but in the coming games he was so seldom used with both ball and bat that he felt that he could no longer be a part of the team and at the end of the season decided to find another team. He had one average season with the Richmond Men's Club but never truly recovered. It was then that his property law career took off and then one day he turned badly and injured his hip. He would publicly blame this injury for his early retirement but really it was all down to that game where he met Lynne. So in short, Lynne ruined George's cricket career.


  1. Property Law! We had him down as a pilot. Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. as a leg spinner George got carted around the ground a lot. as he consequence he didn't bowl many maiden overs. in fact Lynne may have been the first maiden that he bowled over if indeed she was a maiden.

    she was probably wearing a short skirt and waiting for a tickle in the gully.