Monday, March 8, 2010


George and Lynne are in line at the airport. The woman behind the counter asks Lynne if there is a problem. Lynne replies that it is ridiculous that the airline charges for bigger boobs. George says that it may only be for flights to Brazil.

George and Lynne are at an airport. The line they are in at the moment appears to be for the complaints counter as the lady behind the counter, who appears to be from the war, asks Lynne what the problem is. This is this lady's usual first line to anyone who comes to make a complaint. It is a thankless job but she has tried to reduce the stress levels with the addition of a plant.

Lynne tells the woman that another woman has told her that the airline she wishes to travel on charges extra for bigger boobs. Is this really the case? How can this airline get away with such discrimination? Possibly Lynne has misunderstood and you can pay extra if you would like a stewardess who has an ample bosom, but still this is very unprofessional. If Lynne really has got her information correct, for what reason would this airline be charging extra? Are the seats very close together? Would they have to fit a different drop down tray for those ladies with large breasts? This airline needs to reconsider its policies if it wishes to make itself a market leader.

George thinks that they might only add this surcharge for flights to Brazil. George has emphasised the syllable Bra in Brazil to show that it has something to do with boobs. However, by emphasising the syllable of Bra he has now mispronounced the word Brazil, thus making him look either ill-educated or very pompous for pronouncing it like that. His joke has backfired and now everyone is looking at him quizzically wondering what his reasoning is for suspecting the surcharge is only for those wishing to travel to South America. Does this mean also that George and Lynne are going to Brazil for their holiday? Lynne is certainly dressed for sunnier climes but her lack of hand luggage shows that she is also ill-equipped for such a long haul flight. What with the extra money she'll have to pay, there maybe not enough cash left for the bar; the only way she'll get through this long haul flight without something to read.

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  1. Lynne really is, and lets put this kindly, thick, isn't she? It must be a piece of cake for George to go out and murder prostitutes if Lynne is this gullible. "That's not blood, that's tomato sauce dear" "Oh, I'll have to KETCHUP with the washing then." Easy, George, too easy.

    From the London sign, this appears to be London something LL something something Airport, which means maybe George and Lynne are holidaying away, perhaps in the Eastern Bloc, and the airport hasn't got proper signage up. Confusing, perhaps. Certainly they are not in England; the queue behind George changes completely. That sort of thing would simply not be tolerated over here, in 1982.