Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Lynne is on a walk with the rambling club. Another club member tells Lynne that his girlfriend has quit the rambling club. Lynne asks why and the man says it was something she couldn't stand. Lynne offers the reasons of sore feet, blisters and the fact that it is cold and wet. The man says the reason was actually him. Lynne tells him that he does tend to ramble on a bit.

Of what we can see, the rambling club is six people strong on this hike. We have two other couples, Lynne and the man. We do not know if George is also a member of the club or if one of these people is the chairman or organiser. If it is just those six then it appears that Lynne is the leader of the rambling club. She is at the front and she has been told of a member leaving. This is Lynne's hobby whilst George goes fishing.

Lynne is concerned as to why the man's girlfriend has left the club. As chairman she wants to make sure all of her members are happy with the club. She also has to think about the finances of the club. There is no fee to join the club because walking on the paths is free but Lynne likes to collect a kitty so everyone can enjoy a half of lager or bitter at the pub after the walk, or on sunny days Lynne brings along a bottle of sparkling wine for their picnic. Perhaps the man's girlfriend has already paid upfront so Lynne does not have to worry about the money. All the more bubbly for the other members.

Lynne is losing members hand over fist and then she insults the man. You'd think she would want to make sure her remaining members are happy after losing one, but no, she's more than happy to insult them. After this she tells one of the men that his hat looks rubbish and a woman that that her hair looks like a thatched roof. Next week the rambling club will be down to just three members, and the week after that it is just Lynne going for a walk.

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