Monday, March 22, 2010


George is covered in paint. He tells someone on the phone that Lynne is helping him out with the DIY. He then goes on to tell whoever it is that they have run short of a stripper. George sees that Lynne has taken her overalls off and tells the person on the phone that Lynne has the matter covered. Lynne corrects him by saying uncovered.

George has decided to paint the house. By the look of the paint on his dungarees and that in the can, he is painting that room green and red. He has not got to the wall by the window yet as that still has wallpaper on it. Just as George has picked up the paint can to go to another wall, the phone has rung. Luckily George has one of those new fangled cordless phones so he can take the call at the same time as walking to the next wall.

George tells the person on the phone, who is presumably Sammy because whereas Lynne has a number of acquaintances George has only Sammy to call a friend, that they have run short of a stripper. He must mean a wallpaper stripper but this begs the question of what they have been doing up until now. Has George been painting over wallpaper initially but now realises that the wallpaper was coming off so it is a better idea to strip the walls of wallpaper first before? Does this mean that he will now put up lining paper before painting or will he plaster? He'll have to do one of the two if he wants it to look good, so why is he carrying the pot?

George is probably trying to drop a hint to Sammy that although Lynne is helping with what may have previously been Sammy's job, as a favour to a friend, he now actually needs him to bring round his wallpaper stripper so that the job can be done quicker. George and Lynne do have one but it would be so much handier to have two. George, realising he can't do any work in this room until the wallpaper is off, has decided to go to the hall to paint that as Lynne has just finished it. Lynne can get on with the living room while George paints the hall. She has got hot whilst wallpaper stripping so has decided to disrobe.


  1. ooh keep those outfits George and Lynne, Spiral Tribe will be starting up in 7 years.

    You'll fit right in

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