Wednesday, March 3, 2010


George and Lynne are at a bonfire. An unnamed woman tells them that she has lost her husband. Lynne asks her when she last saw him, to which the woman replies that he went to find a hot toddy to warm himself up. All three see the husband kissing another woman and George remarks that he has found himself a hot totty to warm himself up.

It is a cold evening and the fire is raging. We can only assume that George and Lynne have gone to a fireworks evening. Who holds a fireworks evening at this time of year? The people of Wimbledon must have been celebrating the end of February for some reason. This must 1984 and the council were hoping for a lot of women to be proposing to their boyfriends but it's more likely the celebration was to mark the 50th anniversary of the Reichstag fire.

Both George and Lynne are wearing scarves to protect themselves from the cold but this woman is only wearing a top and relatively thin jacket. To add to that she hasn't even done her coat up. She must have been standing very near the fire recently to be that warm. It is likely that her and her husband have had an argument about how best to keep warm. She insisted that standing near the fire was best whereas he thought a hot drink would be better. This may have been a ruse however.

This man has some nerve. He is openly kissing a woman who isn't his wife in a public place. Has he been having an affair with this woman or is this romantic clinch purely based on a mutual love of hot alcohol? Granted, this new woman is far more attractive than his wife but that is no reason to kiss her. Does he do this a lot? Is it socially acceptable to kiss another woman as long as she is more attractive than your wife? What we don't know is that the husband and wife may have a pact that they are each allowed to kiss one other person during their marriage. The husband has taken this opportunity to do it now. Watch out George, that lady could be making a lunge for you any second.

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  1. I fear you may have misunderstood the situation. When the lady says she's 'lost' her husband, she obviously means she's lost his affection and he's run off with another woman. She's known about the affair for quite some time and has been trying to win him back, but he's finally cut all ties and left her for a younger lady, much to the dismay of the lady, who's now left looking after a surly 9 year old son all on her own.

    In 6 months time she'll have hooked up with an alcoholic who beats her for forgetting to season his supper properly, but she'll be having the last laugh as her errant husband will be dead after being stabbed through the liver by the redhead's jealous ex-partner.